A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Good Dalle 3 or Mid Journey

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Good Dalle 3 or Mid Journey

January 8, 2024
Robot AI painting an image

Hey tech enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the world of AI-generated art with Dalle 3 and Mid Journey? Let’s unlock the potential of these tools by crafting prompts that not only challenge the mind but also push the boundaries of AI creativity. Here’s how you can create prompts that resonate with a tech-savvy audience and generate some mind-blowing AI art. This is beginner level that will provide a solid foundation for more advance prompts like this

(best quality,4k,8k,highres,masterpiece:1.2),ultra-detailed,(realistic,photorealistic,photo-realistic:1.37),vivid colors,sharp focus,extreme detail description,HDR,UHD,physically-based rendering,professional,studio lighting,bokeh,Apocalyptic Four Horsemen,hellish demonic chief,Western Pacific devastation,dark surreal landscape,intense fiery skies,ominous atmosphere,apocalyptic aftermath,ominous chaos,devastated cities,burning ruins,apocalyptic destruction,terrifying spectacles,engulfed in flames,destructive forces unleashed,wreaking havoc,fire and brimstone,horror and despair,unleash chaos and devastation,ominously dark beings,menacing presence,intense fury and cruelty,blood-red eyes,a deadly sword of destruction,a black steed,fiery inferno and smoke,demonic wings,apocalyptic march,impending doom and destruction,wrath of the chief demon,sinister and malevolent,haunting and intimidating,omnipotent tormentor of the underworld,the embodiment of evil,ferocious riders of the apocalypse

this prompt would require you to know the Model and LoRa used that we will cover in a later article. For now lets cover the basics .

1. Focus on Cutting-Edge Tech Themes

Start with topics that are at the forefront of technology. Think about emerging trends like quantum computing, Mars colonization, or the latest in AI advancements. For example:

  • “Visualize a quantum computer solving complex equations in a futuristic lab setting.”
  • “Depict a Mars colony in 2050, complete with terraforming technologies and Martian habitats.”

2. Incorporate Sci-Fi and Gaming Elements

Mix in elements from popular sci-fi and gaming culture. This could be anything from cyberpunk cityscapes to scenes from well-known video games. For instance:

  • “Create an image of a cyberpunk city at night, illuminated by neon lights and flying cars.”
  • “Generate an AI’s interpretation of a battle scene from the game ‘StarCraft’, featuring advanced alien technology.”

3. Blend in Real-World Tech Gadgets

Incorporate real-world tech gadgets into fantastical settings. Imagine how today’s technology could evolve in the future. For example:

  • “Envision the next generation of smartphones, with holographic displays and AI assistants, being used in everyday life.”
  • “Illustrate a world where wearable tech has advanced to include invisibility cloaks or augmented reality contact lenses.”

4. Challenge AI with Complex Concepts

Push the AI to its limits by giving it complex, abstract concepts to visualize. This could include theoretical physics phenomena or advanced computer algorithms. Such as:

  • “Depict the concept of a black hole warping space-time, as seen from a spaceship.”
  • “Visualize an advanced neural network algorithm solving real-world problems.”

5. Explore Futuristic Transportation and Architecture

Focus on futuristic transportation and architecture. Think about how technology will transform our cities and vehicles. For example:

  • “Showcase a hyperloop train speeding through a futuristic urban landscape.”
  • “Imagine a skyscraper with a self-sustaining ecosystem, powered by renewable energy.

As we blend the realms of technology and AI-driven creativity, the possibilities are endless. By crafting prompts that resonate with cutting-edge themes, sci-fi elements, real-world tech, and complex concepts, we’re not just creating images; we’re envisioning the future. So, gear up, tech gurus! Unleash your imagination and let Dalle 3 and Stable Diffusion transform your visionary ideas into extraordinary AI-generated art. The future of AI imagery is in your hands, and it’s as boundless as your creativity.

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